Stopwords are words, subwords, or puncuation in the text, that is not recommended to use in any context. Agents should avoid using the stopwords, as it could be informal, grammatically incorect, or simply insulting to the customer.

Each stopwords falls into one of the categories:

  • inappropriate - speech that is correct, but should not be used when talking to customers (“…”)

  • typos - words that include some typo (“email“ instead of “e-mail”)

  • vulgarism - vulgar expressions (“kurva“)

  • acronyms - initials; the longer version is usually more formal (“FB” instead of “Facebook”)

  • abbreviations - short variants of words, people type it due to laziness (“č.” instead of “číslo”)

  • fillers - unnecessary words that bear no meaning (“vlastně”)

  • neologisms - newely developed words or adopted from a different language (“link“ in czech)

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