Text Templates

OneTone.ai provides a convenient way to store and manage your text templates.

With OneTone.ai, you can easily create templates for your most frequently used messages, making it easier to quickly send out the same message to multiple people.

How to open text templates popup?

  1. Make sure to have OneTone.ai browser extension enabled for your page. Learn more about activating the browser extension.

  2. Click to a text area.

  3. You will see a blue dot situated in the right upper corner of the text area.

  4. Click the blue dot and open the browser extension.

How to create a new template?

  1. Open popup

  2. Click plus icon in the main menu.

  3. Define your template and click save.

How to use a template?

  1. Open popup

  2. Search for a template

  3. Click or insert or paste to the clipboard.

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